The Passenger

The author of Subway Philosophy doesn’t consider herself a writer because she doesn’t live in Brooklyn.

She is a reformed chain smoker, a lover of all secrets, chronically hung over and wildly allergic to cats. If you ask her nicely, she will go out for a drink and tell you a long story.

Originally from the Hudson Valley, a graduate of one of those good New England universities after a long dose of English Lit and Philosophy, she now lives on the Upper West Side with her boyfriend and dog, and works at an internet start-up downtown.

You may notice her on the C train: she is the one leaning over a New Yorker with a pen tucked behind her ear. If you see red hair, that’s her. Feel free to offer a warm meal or an early evening single malt.

To contact the author of Subway Philosophy, send Love Letters to


20 responses to “The Passenger

  1. I enjoyed that.

    I also enjoyed your review of Elaine’s on Yelp. That’s how I stumbled into your world/blog. I was searching for Elaine’s, and I found Lindsay’s.

    I’m at work, and I should be working, but I’m leaving this comment, in the hope that we can strike up a dialogue. Nothing fancy. You just seem like an amazing girl. You had me at Annie Hall.

    My name’s Scott. I’m a joke writer.
    Woody Allen stole all my jokes, or so I like to think. I’ve never left an unsolicited comment on a stranger’s blog before, so this is all very exhilarating and a bit nerve-wracking. But, could you bear with me?

  2. So there’s these two blog comments and they walk into a bar… the first one says “I’ll have a drink”, and the other one says “Yarn…”, meaning, well, not sure really. Oh, you thought this was supposed to be a joke. More Zen then a joken, from the Dutch jo-ken, meaning poetic license to use words that have more rhyme than meaning. Hmmm… I’d thought about writing it as a joke but then, Elaine’s has really good food, and I got hungry and forgot what the joke was.

    So… that’s an awful lotta rain you write about. What about creamy sunsets with lollipop suns and sordid Friendly’s 6-scoop chocolate banana split stories? Is it too late for the bread to rise before it’s baked? Too late for eyes wide open, in a crowded theatre, to watch the movie before it’s over? The popcorn is stale, yes, and the soda wayyy too big and worse yet flat, but I thought we came for the story line? It’s not a movie without a story line – or is it?

  3. I don’t know that much bout life. Well, there’s an start and an ending. Below this timeline you’re free to choose your time, more or less.

    And i choose to write you… I’ve read myself through your page and i loved it, but to be honest, what i like the most was your honesty, below your picture. ;)

    I know, as well as you, that we’ll never meet us in real, but that’s kinda interesting.

    Pls take a look over my cultural project, which is called baradore., it’s very local based what i like.

    Sorry for my bad english, wish you all the best for the future.

    I’ve re-read myself through my posting, hell, it sounds as it was made from a stalker…

  4. god we even kinda look alike… who’s your dad???


  5. antiplath stole my line. :(


  6. happy Father’s day….
    nice picture…even cute and beauty

  7. Stumbled across your blog via yelp while searching for a good lunchtime spot around park ave s. great blog :)

  8. I’ve just stumbled on your blog – I like it.

  9. I am simply looking to find other genuises holding pen to paper, well now, finger tips to keys… “hmm” I wondered, “who else has much to say but chooses to let loose in excerpts… a desire to paint the full picture at the start but leaves a mere outline..?” Oh! you! Good to meet you. I appreciate your honesty in it’s literal form. You kind-a-inspire me to create a blog of MY vignettes…They should all come out at once, for if I leave any out I may be banned from the world of writing… oh wait, I am an author, THEY cannot ban me… at any rate… I would love to post a vignette to your avalanche of loving life! well yes, they are raunchy in nature but covered with satin sheets…let me know! Tory

  10. raunchywithsatinsheets

    Hello its me again… You may now consider yourself, An Inspiration To Someone….

  11. One of the best bios I’ve read in some time. Smile inducing.


    James Curtis Smith

  12. I look forward to reading more

  13. Hi, was following the alphainventions trail and came to your witty blog.


  14. Hi. :)

    I like your writing.

    That’s all.

  15. yr pretty darn fun/ thanx & keep on,darlin, all the usual blanket statement support from a stranger/ be in my blogroll? so I might drop by occaisionally for a looksee?

  16. Loving this. Subscribed. Also, thank you for pointing me in the direction of Richard Siken. Beautiful. – Katie

  17. I’m not sure how I found your blog. I was going through my bookmarks and thought “what’s this?” You have provided 20 minutes of entertainment and for this I thank you. I am a 48 yr-old airline pilot, runner of half-marathons, would-be writer and today is my birthday. It’s kinda weird, being past the half-way point and gettin’ all introspective-like…

    Sorry, I was complimenting you…?

    Oh, yeah… great blog. Nice day, eh?

  18. reading your words shift me a little. i enjoy your writing and am curious to see what your blog has in store.

  19. Do you mean you live _at_ your boyfriend’s?

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