In Season

The heatwave lifted and that was it. That was summer, hope you liked it, because now it’s over and that dull chill that spreads up your legs is back. The evening is gone too, replaced with the night, replaced with the rustle of crispy leaves and the pounds of thick-heeled boots on the sidewalk. The heat wave was here but now it’s gone, sooner and faster than you knew you wanted. The leaves are full of second thoughts, if you want them. You’re lucky they’re in season, just like sweaters and gently finged scarves. After the heatwave, the leaves get their moment. It fades fast, even faster than you’d think. And then you know what. Then the sky gets split in half. There are no more leaves. There are no second chances.


One response to “In Season

  1. I’m so not ready for fall. Feels like someone just cut a slice of summer off and decided to go straight for the chilly fall-ish weather. :/
    I’d be a lying bastard if I’d say I didn’t like the overall feeling of autumn, though. The view outside the window slowly gets more beautiful too (the part where everything is yellow, orange and brown, not the part where everything just gets grey and gloomy).

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