Here’s an update.

I quit my job.

For the last two years, I was the Publicity Manager at a well-respected NYC culture magazine. I ran the public relations, social media and communications as a one woman machine.

I’m exhausted.

So I recently accepted a job as the Social Media Manager of a huge, international media company with a bunch of magazines and online brands. It sounds bigger, but it feels more comfortable.

I never wanted to be a publicist. Anyone who’s ever met me (or read this blog) knows I’m not a typical “PR girl”—the type running around Murray Hill in Tory Birch shoes with their blackberry glued to their ear. Though I will admit to owning a blackberry. But I fell into it, and I was good at it. I knew how to write, I understood branding and I followed trends and brand growth like a rabid industry fanboy.

And I love the internet. Like, wanna marry the internet. And I was stepping on a lot of people’s toes, trying to build up the brand online, trying to juggle everything I had to do with everything I wanted. Now I’ll get to sort of internally consult on social media for all the brands—tell them what works, what doesn’t and send out a lot of reports. It sounds fun, if you can believe it.

Also—it was time.

My last day at the small magazine is 4/22. I start at the big company 4/29.

Wish me luck.


3 responses to “Here’s an update.

  1. Good for you – I love big decisions (unless of course I am the one who has to make them). Have a good start into the new job!

  2. You are living the American dream.

  3. Congrats, Linds. Good things….

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