Contractual Obligations

After god knows how many years of diligently updating Subway Philosophy, maintaining a hectic day job and working my way through hundreds of bottles of scotch—

Someone’s actually gonna pay me to write.

Beginning next week, I will be penning a sex and relationship column for a new women’s website.

The editor never read this blog, nor does she know of its existence, but I will always treasure Subway Philosophy as my sandbox, if you will, of lewd, alcohol-induced creativity. I wrote candidly about my relationships, my depression and my thoughts on the city on the blog, and I’ve loved the emails and comments from my loyal readers.

It’s not like I’m giving up my day job. It’s not like I’m going to totally walk away from Subway Philosophy. And of course I’ll continue to use a pen name. You didn’t think I’d crack that easily, did you? Please.


2 responses to “Contractual Obligations

  1. you made me nervous for a second! i dont know what i’d do if you stopped updating this blog – you def say everything i wish i could. good luck yay!

  2. Congratulations!

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