Pleasure Plateau

Expectations lead to disappointment. Discoveries give way to trauma.

Things made me happier when I was depressed. I had nothing to look forward to, so when things were good they were so, so good. But then everything got okay. And everything good was just okay-good.

See what I mean?

People level out. Lows lesson, highs weaken. And everything eventually hits a pleasure plateau.


2 responses to “Pleasure Plateau

  1. I’ve always focused on the little things in life. My favorite tea. An amazing CD. A good friend. A solitary trip somewhere special. A stranger’s smile. Like I said, the little things.

  2. “Lows lesson.” I interpret this sentence not as an orthographic catastrophe but as a witty solecistic pun about the spiritual discoveries imparted by depression. Your writing is really gneiss, people shouldn’t take it for granite.

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