100,000 Maniacs

If you wanted to, I’m sure you could figure me out. It’s not that hard. There’s a photo of me and everything.

But I’ve kept my name off. I have a professional-looking website with a real .com domain name and everything. But this… this stays under wraps. I don’t need people googling my name and finding love lorn commentary on my whiskey fueled life. It wouldn’t help my relationships. It wouldn’t please my mother. And it’s funny, you know, the hiding. Most people can’t bare hiding. I’m a me-me-me type character, but not when it comes to the minor chords in the song. It’s hard to believe I’m a publicist. It’s hard to believe I’ve bothered.

Anyway, all of that strikes me as amusing. People somehow find this blog and they’re drawn in to, I don’t know, whatever that honesty is that I’m allowed to express under the guise of anonymity. And I continue to receive love letters from readers, who I never respond to quickly enough. I thank you for that.

Mostly I thank you for indulging me. As hidden from sight as Subway Philosophy remains, it managed to reach over 100,000 page views. And not for nothing, readers. Your interest, or loathing, has not been in vain.


2 responses to “100,000 Maniacs

  1. Amusing and interesting as always.

  2. I found you when I was searching for music lyrics. Not sure who tho – maybe Stars?

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