They look up, not out.

“Remember when we peed on Kaufman’s car?” asks Steve.

“Of course I do. It never gets old. Except Kaufman did, and now he’s married.”

“Shut up,” Kaufman tells us. He’s smiling.

Graham is quiet but laughs silently. He looks taller, if that’s possible. All three—Kaufman, Steve and Graham—are over six two. Mike, who is five eleven at best, sighs contently.

We sit in the circle and look at the stars. They look out, not up, as Mike said once. We all remember.

We inhale in and exhale out and watch our breath evaporate into the hair.

“Remember how pissed Kaufman got?” asks Steve.

“Shut up,” says Kaufman.

“What about when L threw up in the woods over there?” asks Mike.

“Oh god,” I say.

“When did L throw up?” asks Steve.

“She threw up on Brian Leher’s dick.”

“Oh yeah…” says Steve.

Graham laughs silently.

“That night was terrible,” continues Mike. “And I think Brian filmed it all.”

“Oh god,” I repeat.

“What about that time with Kassi and Dana?”

“Old school.” We dismiss things easily.

“What about that time with Ghostbusters?”

“Ancient history.”

“Well I think it was awesome.”

“Were the stars this bright?” I ask, suddenly.

“When,” asks Graham, “in high school?”

“No, that night we peed on Kaufman’s car.”

We all snicker, even Kaufman. It was a long time ago, and anyway, no one was around to film it.


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