Thanksgiving Eve

The night before Thanksgiving runs not unlike a sitcom episode where the cast remembers past incidences, and they lean back into the couch and utter a few lines to set up old scenes, and the shot dissolves into something else from a different season with older hairstyles and dated plotlines.

The night before Thanksgiving should also be called National Eat Your Heart Out Formerly Popular Kids In High School Night. Gina’s had two babies and Tom’s gotten two DUIs. Everyone knows Russell’s girlfriend won’t sleep with him. We think she’s a lesbian, not like we care, but we feel for the guy.

The night before Thanksgiving, after ten years of shy smiles, is a good time to man up and finally kiss someone. It’s better than New Years Eve because it’s not scripted, is it? It’s not in that flashback scene, or anything the popular kids would notice. It is surprising, heavily anticipated and better-than-expectedly perfect.


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