In this room.

I bet more than half of the women in this room feel fat. The other half is probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I hear British accents and a deep, handsome bass, and the chirp of women in stark black stockings and big-buttoned blazers. Women with frizzy curls in silky skirts leaning stoic against walls, wineglass in hands, jealous and judging. The men are the type who look then look away, always seeking out something newer and better, prettier and thinner with an improbable hint of challenge. These are the men that will never be happy and never know it.


2 responses to “In this room.

  1. They all need real problems, apparently…

  2. Sometimes I fear that I’m one of these. I used to be the opposite, but I guess everyone who has ever considered loving was that way once.

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