If it’s mental, it’s mental.

If I drink one more cup of tea my eyes, I swear, will sweat with it. Black tea, chamomile, honeyed tea, peppermint. I’ve been sick for almost a week and in total denial. I wake up, throw clothes on, and cough myself back under the covers like a tape in reverse. I try to work from home and end up falling asleep in odd positions. Let’s just say I have keyboard burn on my neck. Let’s just say that I’ve been in bed all week and I can’t write a single fucking word that sounds anything like I like to sound like. See—even that sounds bad. If it’s mental, it’s mental. But right now it’s bronchitis and I need to make more tea.


One response to “If it’s mental, it’s mental.

  1. Cool blog.. will be back, will bring tissues and spitoon. bronchitis is horrid.. i know. get better…

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