Mute button

Sorry, readers. Something traumatic has happened and I haven’t been able to write.

I lost my voice.

I don’t mean I lost my voice in the some melodramatic literary way. I mean I actually lost my speaking voice. My larynx is inflamed and the most I can muster is a screechy half-whisper.

So you’d think I’d be better off writing but—and here’s the weird thing—I’m not.

Maybe it because of the headache, the nonstop coughing, the chills. Or maybe it was the depression that set in when I realized I had to shut the fuck up and listen to other people.

Whatever it was, I don’t like it. So I haven’t been writing. I’ll be back, eventually, louder and saucier and all of that soon.

But for now… so it goes.


One response to “Mute button

  1. ok, get better soon. hopefully it’s no swine flu. we’ll be here re-reading ur old entries in the meantime ;)

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