Nobody looks like me.

The PhD abandoned the city for a teaching gig at a college in upstate New York. I find his departure depressing, but his observations poignant and hilarious.

“You know what being in Albany makes me realize? That I am really pretty much a hipster. When I am in New York or San Francisco or anyplace that is full of them, I dont feel much like a hipster. But when I am in a place where there aren’t many, I suddenly feel like a huge one. Because I look around and nobody looks like me. And I think, Damn, I’m usually just a normal guy but here I am a bearded eyeglassed freak weirdo. And I was thinking about this today because, well, I was on the bus, stopped at a light and I looked out the window, and I was surprised to see a bunch of people who looked like me.  And I thought, Hey, look, Albany hipsters. But then a few of them turned around and they were actually just homeless people.”


One response to “Nobody looks like me.

  1. hahah ! nice

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