Approval Rating

“You know what your problem is,” Shaina tells me.

I do not know which problem she is referring to. My big mouth? Drinking? The list goes on and on.

“Your problem is you’re too critical.”

Ah. That problem.

“You judge a guy before the end of your first date with him. You make up your mind you won’t like a guy before he even takes you out!”

This is true. This is true but it’s not like I’ve ever been wrong.

“Like if he’s hot, then he’s too good looking for you and dumb. Or if he’s smart then he isn’t tall enough, or not smart in the right way, or reads the wrong books. It’s exhausting.”

She’s right. It’s exhausting and I’m hypercritical. But it’s even worse when I turn that back on myself. It’s even more insufferable.


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