Sing it Again

We drank red wine and the rain had stopped but the mud was thick and the grass was slick so at first I took my shoes off we all took our shoes off and all of the grass and all of the mud slid through our toes like a new sensation like cold slugs like cut wet barbershop hair and you wanted to stay so we stayed and rocked back and forth and then slid our feed in the fountain and shook the mud of into the water and the dirty clouded up and pillowed out

We drank red wine and now had our shoes on and a finished six pack and the end of the music so we wanted more and went to the little karaoke bar across the street where the bartender filled our glasses too high and we filled our lungs and belted out songs we should never be allowed to sing like Aerosmith for one and Supertramp screaming together into the microphones and a little heartbroken as our voices cracked and our hearts dampened

We drank red wine and stayed out too late repeating record breaking metaphors and running into old friends of former lovers down in the village and we decided karaoke is not a victory march it’s a poor and it’s a broken Hallelujah and so many things went wrong tonight including your voice which should never be allowed to hit those high notes or what you say when you think no one will remember you know you hit the low notes too


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