Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away…

I decided late last night I could no longer survive without a camera. It’s been months since my little Canon died, and the hole in my heart photoalbum was getting bigger by the drunken night. So I purchased another, around 2am, and woke up to a smathering of emails.

Apparently, no one told American Express that I like to make silly purchases late into the wee hours of Monday mornings. This is usually the mark of credit card fraud. So my card was declined, and I had a few missed calls and emails telling me about the misuse of my card.

Hey strident assholes over at AmEx — some of us cannot, in good conscience, spend large amounts of money until we’ve hit rock bottom, made it a drink or two in, and desperate for the return of their PowerShot that’s been broken since September, decide to do some online shopping. Don’t make me feel even worse about my impulse buys. That’s what my goddamn balance is for.


2 responses to “Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away…

  1. scholarsretreat365

    It’s even worse nowadays when you travel overseas. Fly to Reykjavik, spend $200 during night on town, credit card #1 suspended. Use credit card #2 to pay taxi. Spend $2/minute on cell phone getting card #1 reactivated. Go to Helsinki, realize credit card #2 is suspended. Spend money over the course of a few days on credit card #3, card suspended. Spend $1.50/minute on cell phone getting cards reactivated. Take a train to Russia, get cash with ATM card, enjoy St. Petersburg, need to get cash for bus to Tallinn (cash only!), ATM card denied, credit card #1 cash advance denied, credit card #2 cash advance denied, credit card #3 cash advance denied. Spend $3/minute frantically trying to get one card activated so you can get cash and leave the country before your visa expires, get ATM card reactivated 10 minutes before ticket sales end. Take bus, arrive in Tallinn, ATM card denied, bank closed Sundays so can’t reactivate. Screw it, use residual euros and US dollars and credit card for all purchases. Arrive back in US with 2 dollars and 80 eurocents. Fun fun fun.

  2. Yes, all of us who never get to go to Reykjavik, Helsinki, or St. Petersberg really feel your pain. Ass.

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