But I Have Stories

empire-state-buildingLauren and her boyfriend bought a house in Connecticut. Elizabeth is engaged. We sat on Lauren’s leather couches and discussed the mortgage, the loans, and long-term pregnancy plans.

And me?

I have no mortgage, no loan, no baby on the way. I have New York stories about subways and misguided romance and vingettes of that nature. Like the lawyer who said he was 29, but was really 36– the apartment with a fireplace off Park Avenue should have been a dead giveaway.

But recently, the stories are smaller and perhaps more sincere. Sometimes, like many good stories, they provide lessons:

The subway is a perfectly good place to meet someone. The Empire State Building is most beautiful in the split second the lights go out. It is not always unromantic to discuss the Oxford comma in bed.


3 responses to “But I Have Stories

  1. Do you have any good stories of meeting someone on the subway? Do share.

  2. Of course I did — this blog is a self fulfilling prophecy.

  3. Thats me you’re writing about!

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