Merry Christmas, Edwin.

Merry Christmas, Edwin. I hope you like these Transformers. A guy named Kenneth at the Kmart on Astor Place told me to get you Autobots. He said they’re the good guys. According to your paperwork, you’re five. Do five-year-olds know about good guys? Did your mom take you to see Transformers? The paperwork also says you’re underprivileged. Well, that sucks, especially if you really are five. I hope you like your toys. I’m not spending money on anyone else this year. My family is getting all the freebies I can find at work. But they’re spoiled, they don’t need toys anyway. So I got you two. Because I think if one Transformer isn’t good enough, you can play with the other. Just don’t choke on it. Okay, Edwin? Be a good boy. Merry Christmas.


One response to “Merry Christmas, Edwin.

  1. best Christmas idea I’ve heard this year

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