Special Relativity

einsteinAlbert Einstein eventually left his first wife, Mileva Marić, a brilliant Serbian woman with whom he had three sons with, for his cousin, Elsa Löwenthal. Marić had acted as a sounding board for Einstein’s ideas and often checked his mathematical proofs. But she was no match for Löwenthal, who cared for him when he fell ill and enjoyed basking in his Nobel glory.

I told this to Jon tonight, after watching a long Einstein documentary.

“Do you see,” I told Jon, “how foolish men are? Even Einstein just wanted a stupid woman to coddle him.”

Jon was unimpressed. “It doesn’t take a genius to know a man just wants to marry his mother. And a first cousin is a close second.”


5 responses to “Special Relativity

  1. Hello, maybe this had something to do with his theory of relativity: A minute sitting on a hot stove passes as quickly as an hour kissing a pretty girl!

  2. Yow. I dare say Jon’s right on this one, if I had to choose.

    Coddling is hopefully part of the deal, but it’s definitely not a clincher. Oscar Wilde was right: whatever else goes on in a relationship, you have to be able to hold a conversation. Otherwise the rest is doomed.

    I know that if the only pleasant things I got out of my girlfriend were coddling and a roll in the hay, all those moments in between would be sheer torture. Would she have to be like my mommy? Um, do I really have to answer that?

  3. Great post!

    I love how you always leave me thinking. Every post I’ve read so far just sends my mind into space, where it begins picking gently through the threads you’ve lain out. Love it. Like mind candy.

    YOU are phenomenal!

  4. Gregor Mandelbaum

    Though men are often portrayed as stones with no emotions, only interested in the pleasures a woman can offer, Einstein shows that men actually need both an intellectual foil and a kind, considerate lover. Is it surprising that, when he needed the former more, that is what he obtained but, as his needs changed and she was unable to change with them, Einstein looked elsewhere?

    Note I’m not condoning his decisions and actions, just trying to understand them.

    Jon’s name wouldn’t be Trodel, would it? No way.

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