Like a Bad John Cusack Movie

The night before Thanksgiving is the largest bar night of the year. It is the night when 20-somethings come back home to their parents house, their new fiancees and haircuts and jobs in tow, to meet with their old high school friends they have nothing in common with anymore and drink until they forget that defining fact.

And I was in it.

It was like a bad John Cusack movie. Four years of high school memories wedged into a dive bar on Main Street. There were only a few cars outside, so Mike and I were shocked to see the massive crowd of hundreds overflowing onto the back patio. He rested his hand on my shoulder, and like high school, we were back to the neighborhood best friendship.

A few years older, a few years younger, everyone from school looked the same. The pretty girls were still pretty, in a sad, sagging way. The ugly girls were still ugly. Or were they? Suddenly, it became impossible to judge people anew.

Mike bought me a bottle of beer and we crouched against the back wall pointing out people. Mike would high-five old friends, or kiss girls on the cheek. No one really acknowledged me. People had forgotten who I was, because I had never mattered, and I looked different anyway. I was wearing stockings and my favorite striped dress. I had forgotten the uniform I had known my whole life: jeans. I looked down while Mike talked to Brandon at the sea of blue legs and sipped my beer.

I couldn’t tell if I was being ignored or I was the one ignoring.

It didn’t matter. There were the cheerleaders, there were the thugs. There, the soccer team, and there was the singular nerds. It was high school all over again– I felt brushed to the side.

And then a guy grabbed my ass, and I dripped beer on my dress and laughed to myself. No one would have ever grabbed my ass in high school.



8 responses to “Like a Bad John Cusack Movie

  1. Looks like you’re better off without the uniform anyway. Far from wanting to appear like the Fashion Police, but it appears someone is wearing white socks AND sandals.

    I presume said person wasn’t over the age of 70 and therefore it’s a crime punishable only by death. I hope you took the neccessary action.

  2. I just found your blog through alpha inventions. I wanted to say hi, and that your posts made me laugh. Thank you for that…and I love my BlackBerry almost more than my boyfriend!

  3. The more I read the more I like. I know just the feelings you express in here!

    Great stuff!

    I am going to add you to my blogroll on

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  5. Ah, hilarious. It’s funny to peer back into that old world of high school…funnier to peer back into your perspective then and laugh in the one that you’re in now.

    It’s nice that those times are gone, and adds to the fun of looking back.

  6. hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t change that much…

    you’ll notice it’s a sea of jeans with everyone trying to fit in via the uniform. except soon it will be ridiculously high heels with the jeans on the gals

    and a handful of people comfortable enough to wear something more interesting and grownup–or else you’ll find worlds where people do venture beyond the conventional and wear dresses, skirts, kilts, boots, layers, wraps, hats…and it’s much more fun to be in that world

    i am surprised that john cusack never made that film. if he did it now, it would have to be some sort of time warp groundhog day kinda thing

  7. Hey u i am happy to see you here. U have Nice Blog Thank for sharing Article with me

  8. Sadly, the movie you’re describing would probably be considered a good John Cusack movie. A bad John Cusack movie would be like Ice Harvest or Identity.

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