Your Writer’s Origins

Another treasure over at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: “From The Complete Guide to the Care and Training of the Writer in Your Life

Where did my writer come from?

Your writer’s origins can be traced back to a small hairless rodent of the Miocene epoch. Despite its lack of active defenses, its diminutive size and antisocial tendencies helped it to evade detection by predators. The writer was first domesticated by the Chinese, in 3400 B.C. Although the keeping of writers has been popular among the aristocracy for millennia, it has become widespread in the last few centuries as the working masses have accrued more time and resources to devote to the care of others. In the 1920s, the French brought the first writers from Asia to Europe, often installing them in cafés. Recently, there have been news stories about writers growing to well over 200 pounds and becoming aggressive or uncontrollable.

(Please click through to read the entire passage.)


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