Let’s build ourselves a fire.

I got a pair of press tickets and took Chana with me to see Jenny Lewis at the Apollo last night. (For the record: The Apollo is such a gorgeous, well-maintained venue with amazing acoustics. Must be the stump.)

As a fun surprise the 20-something crowd went crazy over, Sarah Silverman opened. I generally find her irritating, but tonight she was woefully amusing with her racist pussy jokes.

Anyway, I hadn’t heard much of Jenny’s solo work, so I boned up on the subway over and crossed my fingers she played some Rilo Kiley. No Rilo was to be had, but it was just as well. I was mostly impressed by the child star turned musian, save her eye-rolling demand late in the evening for the audience to finally get up. If we wanted to stand for you, honey, we would have. Her back-up band was tight and would have benefited from Jenny giving them some space to solo a bit more. But all in all, the alt-country music was appealing to the biggest, and potentially the most sober, cynic in the Apollo.

I’ve also been inspired to get bangs. Someone with an adequate sense of how short my forehead is needs to stop me before I do something rash.

My favorite song of the night was, by far, the title track off Acid Tongue. A music blogger posted the following video from the concert. Enjoy.

Jenny Lewis – Acid Tounge

To be lonely is a habit
Like smoking or taking drugs
And I've quit them both
But man, was it rough

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