Night-Time Emotional Swampiness

I miss someone stupid tonight. That’s a lie. I am stupid for missing someone tonight. It ended bitter, as Chana says, like baking chocolate.

I’m not drunk. I’ve had half a glass of wine. But I feel that night-time emotional swampiness.

I’m re-reading email. I’m thinking about that spark I had when I felt like for a brief two months I was kissing my best friend. I don’t know why right now it’s sneaking back on me, but it is, quickly like rushing water.


3 responses to “Night-Time Emotional Swampiness

  1. re-reading emails? Ouch. I stay far, far away from those emails, only writing to him when *absolutely* necessary, and even then I hate it and I ask three other people for help before I resort to asking him. Long story. Michael left me without a trace after ten months. It’s been rough as hell but getting better. And I, too, am stupid for missing him. But even though he acted like a total shit, sometimes I still do. So I feel ya.

  2. And yeah, I remember how it felt to kiss my best friend.

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