It’s after 3am. I can’t sleep. I’m not even trying. I’m worrying, you know, of all the stupid shit I’ve done and not the ramifications of anything but my own self-worth. These late lonely nights are always tinged with regret, aren’t they? And sadness?

I don’t act sad anymore. I wear my new-found happiness like jewels.

So what. My bed is a warm cocoon.

To tell you the truth, I am all alone and wondering why I let him in my bed last week. I would rather not let him in at all then have these few impassioned nights that leave me emotionally and physically drained. I meant to say just physically. I don’t let anyone know where I emotionally stand anymore. I try not to be stupid. I don’t act sad anymore.

The last time I stood my ground emotionally, he walked. I walked, too. It all felt queerly symmetrical, the exit consistent, the blame escalating into a stalemate. But he walked first, you know?

It all leaves me, and I do mean leaves me, feeling frustrated and vacant.

Vacant — that’s a lie. The city is churning and heaving and masses of people spill out around you quick, like a middle school diorama of real life that’s been dumped on you, little paper buildings and even smaller paper people fluttering through your fingers.

It’s enough, I tell myself, to stay awake all night, hanging onto your pillow, breathing in the white noise hum alone.


2 responses to “3am

  1. Sounds like life really sucks for you, I’m sorry.

    I think that sex is the worst thing that can happen to a relationship because the with the physical closeness you assume an emotional connection that may or may not be there.

    My current girl friend and I didn’t meet under the best circumstances and we were baseball bat blunt and also very honest with each other. We both developed a deep respect for each other and we probably won’t have sex until were married. Even though there is no sex, its the most satisfying relationship I’ve ever been in.

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