Please Don’t Ask

I don’t even know what that previous post means, or who it was intended for. Please don’t ask. My mind seems to wander when I’m drunk. Especially that drunk.

And I’ve gathered I love writing to anonymous ex-lovers. I think it is some sort of collective “you” I’ve got going on. Let me point ten thousand drunken fingers all at once!

In other news, I think a bone in my foot is broken. I really should not have walked from the rooftop on Thomspon and Spring all the way to my place off Avenue B.


2 responses to “Please Don’t Ask

  1. I’ll just pretend it was for me, if you don’t mind . . .

    “Never drive nor blog drunk . . . ”


  2. Well, props to you for not deleting your drunken posts. That takes balls. I have around 30+ drafts written while VERY intoxicated (and also weepy, angry, etc.) that will never see the light of antiplath day.

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