Hands Off

Why do guys feel like they can man-handle a pretty girl at a bar? The second I change out of jeans and into a slinky dress the hands start to emerge from the woodwork. It’s disgusting. It’s anger-inducing. Worst of all, the guys always feel like they’re entitled to talk to me, just because they offered to buy me a drink and my vocabulary is as substantial as my chest. Hands off, bone-heads with boners. Inane pick-ups are one thing, but if I get another arm slipped around my waist, or a hand on my neck, I will bite. And not the sexy bite, either. Hm. On second thought, perhaps I will just resort to the old-fashioned classic knee. Some man-handling never goes out of style.


6 responses to “Hands Off

  1. I’ve found that a withering look accompanied by a sold punch to the dick works wonders. If warranted. And in my opinion, if you nicely but firmly explain that your body is not public property and they continue to grope and slobber, then this is definitely warranted.

    So disgusting. Sorry that happened. Whatever happened to personal space and that whole respecting another person’s body thing? Seems to have gone the way of the dodo down here, too.

  2. On behalf of men, allow me to apologize.

    BTW, just how substantial IS your vocabulary?

  3. I make English teachers weep.

  4. Thank God I’m not an English teacher.

  5. BTW, if you keep displaying these come-hither, I’m-just-a-little-girl-with-a-substantial-vocab-in-the-big-city pics on here, you’re going to attract stalkers . . . . like me.

  6. It’s been my experience that when you are more bold women appreciate you more if they are receptive to the advance and they will tell you they’re not interested if they’re not–you apologize and move on. On impulse I kissed a woman good night that I had known for about a month and it was one of the best relationships I had ever had, unfortunately her timetable for getting married and having children was much sooner than mine was and we don’t talk or see each other because after she was married with a child she said she still had feelings for me–I didn’t tell her but I still have feeling for her too.
    My brother used to go to singles bars and the culture was that you picked some body up and slept with them that night. I went with him once and it was too wild for me. If all you got was an arm around your waste or a hand on your neck, it seems pretty tame by comparison.
    If you read any of the books for men on how to get laid, they always say you have to touch the woman.
    Also men are kind of stupid when it comes to relationships. Women can read men much easier than men can read women and you can’t be subtle with men because they don’t get it.
    I think with some men acting like a jerk is a strategy that either works quickly or bombs miserably so it quickly becomes a numbers game. I think at one time there was a book about being a jerk and getting laid.
    I believe most men want the relationship along with getting laid and eventually they want the relationship more but they go with the methods that seem to work the best.

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