If you’ve met me, you know I can’t sing. I actually have perfect pitch, which was duly noted by my high school music theory teacher when once upon a time I planned on majoring in music, but alas: my voice, the actual timbre of it, is horrendous.

I recorded a video of my friends and I tonight at Sing Sing.

Guess what’s NOT going on the blog? You know. Because then you’d lose what little respect you have left in me. Woosh, down the toilet it would go, along with tonights wine, steak tartar, vodka sodas and singular tequila shot. Woosh.

PS, if you have to know, it was Oh! Darling followed by Total Eclipse of the Heart. That’s how I rock out and sing sing.


2 responses to “Karaoke

  1. My usual selection is With A Little Help From My Friends . . . . Joe Cocker version.

  2. If it makes you feel any better about your voice, the one time I’ve heard you sing was that time we were pulling tubes at my place. You went to find something to listen to on my iPod, and you were absent-mindedly singing to yourself, and I thought it was so nice that I thought to myself, “That’s the kind of girl I want to end up with. The kind who sings softly to herself while she does things around the apartment.”

    But not you. Because blech.

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