Notes: Hipsters, Wifi and Absenteeism

I’ve moved into my new apartment but am still without proper internet. Huddling in the corner of my kitchen does not constitute as internet access. It’s pathetic. Yes, yes, I have proper connectivity at the office, but I am dealing with a major tsunami of work and have barely had time to take lunch. I say barely. I always take lunch.

I’ve been MIA for a few days, but you haven’t noticed. Heh. I love pre-scheduled posts. Suckers. Anyway, in my absence, it seems like the regulars have zeroed in on the Three New Yorks and a declaration of war against hipsters. I, myself, am not a hipster. I know this because a) I am guilty of having shopped at the Gap, b) I have health insurance, c) I could lose five pounds and d) I own no ironic t-shirts.

What is my take on the onslaught of hipsters? Well, I’m not sure if I really believe in them. Once I get to know a hipster, they seem to lose their hipster persona and become my dorky skinny friend with loud plastic eye glass frames and good taste in music who resides in Brooklyn. And I can live with that.

My favorite anti-Hipster treatise? Time Out New York hit the nail on the head last year when they published “Why the Hipster Must Die.”

2 responses to “Notes: Hipsters, Wifi and Absenteeism

  1. wow . . . now I realize how truly un-hip I am. Or maybe I’m so devoid of hiposity that I am truly hip? Does that mean I need to die?

    Lord . . .

  2. yikes, I hope your wifi gets up and running soon. That sucks.

    For the record, I have nothing against people labeled as hipsters. Here in New Orleans we have our own population of new, post-Katrina opportunistic young folks. They’re called gutter punks. At least your hipsters don’t get dogs just so the cops can’t arrest them. And then neglect their dogs and squat in front of French Quarter homes and panhandle and steal shit. Here’s hoping they can’t take the heat this summer and leave.

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