The Bull and the Bear

I squeeze by the heavyset men in their pinstripe shirts who simper down at me and lunge toward the producer.

“When is he on?”

“15!” she chips, a delighted answer from someone who may or may not have a soul.

I creep back towards my editor and we drown our $20 vodka tonics and tell jokes. I quiz him; his answers resemble complicated Jerry Seinfeld stand-up routines ripe with New York contempt. Eventually, he emerges on-set all miked up and his wit is just cool and dry enough. I swig the drink and thumbs up the camera man.

National television should always be this drunk and uncomplicated. Everything else is just a bother.

Check please.


2 responses to “The Bull and the Bear

  1. love your blog – !!

  2. [Commenting on this post simply b/c it’s the most recent:] The following reminded me of your prose: . Yours is more inspired, but she almost seems like a slightly younger version of you.

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