Beautiful Calm Driving

An hour and a half up the Hudson river there are a ton of trees. What else? Oh, highways with a small smattering of cars. Clouds. The clearest stars with the least light refraction I’ve seen in the past three years.

Everything in the city is in full bloom but here everything is still slow-gathering buds and still-tights flowers. The seasons slow down here and take fuller force. Winter up here gains heavy snows, and look, even spring is a real and thorough season.

I don’t have much time. I have been racing down the parkway with the windows down, the sun roof open, a cigarette (purely an act of nostalgia) between my fingers, the radio blasting Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses, and AC/DC in that order. I missed classic rock radio. I missed singing along to it. I have a terrible voice, but no matter, that is one thing you can’t get away with in the city. Maybe the shower, if you’re lucky, if the walls aren’t thin. Maybe.


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