All Aboard

Um… when did this turn into a dating blog? Lame. And ew. No no no. This is not a dating blog.

So let’s talk about one of my favorite objects of all time: The Mighty Clipboard. No laughing! No laughing! See, now, if I had a clipboard in my hand you would take me seriously.

For example, Monday night my magazine hosted a huge award show at a big venue in Manhattan. I was running around with my coworkers pointing and directing and trying to coordinate and organize as much as I could. And no one paid much attention to me. Why should they? I’m five foot three, make goofy jokes (My best joke of the night happened when a representative from a cheese company was asked if he needed any help. “Nope,” he said, “piece of cake.” To which I shouted, “More like piece of CHEESE!”), and complain about the process the whole time. But the second I stashed my list of who-does-what on a clipboard -and put my cellphone in my cleavage- all eyes were on me. Not even my boobs*!

But it backfired. In the end, I was overwhelmed with questions and curiosities, managing too much and barely enjoying myself in the process. And you know what they say about not enjoying work. Yadda yadda yadda you should.

Lesson learned. Do I carry a clipboard next time? Maybe. But only after I hit the open bar.

*Hi Betsy. Hi Darren.

2 responses to “All Aboard

  1. You’ve named your breasts Betsy & Darren?

  2. You didn’t, right? Because we’ll need to talk…

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