Career, Career, Korea

“Should I stay at my current job, which is stable, but not really letting me grow, or take the leap to a consulting job, which is less stable but potentially more money and professional growth? Should I stay or should I go? Also, I’m tall.”
–C, New Jersey

Dear C,

I think you should write out a list of all your expenses, your debt, your salary, and any other number you can think of. Send it off to Suze Orman and let me know how it goes. She is hip to the chaos of the disaster known as the current national economy. I am just a drunken girl on the subway with her own secret blog.

(And I love that you’re tall. And I love puns. That alone tells me you need a new job as a basketball playing greeting card writer. So, you see? You’re better off with Suze.)

Thanks for writing,

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