Be a Camel!

That’s what she tells me, sexually speaking,
and though I have to agree with her point
(the one about going so long between drinks),
I am thinking about the hump
and the way people describe the journey
the rolling and jolting rough-sea rock,
the slow-aching hip bruising,
An unfortunate way of telling someone to wait:
endure that painful mammalian convulsion.
How can I be a camel, I think,
blowing softly on my hooves.


2 responses to “Be a Camel!

  1. Take a lesson from the eastern-Asian camels.
    They don’t rely on the drought-or-deluge bit; instead, they stock up on snow: the harshest of water sources.
    Too much snow in their bellies would kill, and so they eat only what they can continuously.
    Sure they jolt, but they also huddle for warmth.
    Extremes can bring out the best in us.

  2. this is really beautiful and unexpected.

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